Channel 13 Reporter Tom Abrahams joined us for our weekly lunch program last week. 
The Rotary Club of The Woodlands was pleased to have Channel 13 reporter, and author, Tom Abrahams as it's speaker last week. 
With humble beginnings in his high school newspaper, Tom really didn't know what he wanted to do growing up.  Approached to write one article, more in passing than anything else, led him to find his passion and move up through the ranks.  Fast forward 23 years and he hasn't looked back. 
Tom sees technology and the appetite for always-on, right-now news as two game-changers in journalism.  What was once an all-day process to develop one, 90-second segment has grown into developing four segments as well as on-line content to cover all the various newscasts and outlets.  Technology is further enabling this change with what was a van-load of equipment being replaced by handheld devices that allow anyone to present anywhere at a moments notice. 
One of his passions is politics, covering all the major elections since 1996 and also leading him to write political novels.  He admits, if he had proposed what is happening in the 2016 Presidential Campaign as a plot for a novel, no one would have bought it.  Yet here we are with this very unlikely cast of characters.  Even with all the changes in technology, it still often comes down to being at the right-place at the right-time.  Twice in this campaign he has found himself face-to-face with Donald Trump providing great access to get his tough questions answered.