The Rotary Club of The Woodlands had local news anchor, Art Rascon, as our speaker recently. 
While his planned topic was his recent visit to Cuba, Art started his talk with some comments about the recent terror attacks, both home and abroad.  He recounted a story of an interview he did in the middle of a fire-fight talking to a Palestinian teen during the Intifada a few years ago.  From this conversation it became quite clear to him that many of those in support of this extreme view are quite happy to kill Israelis or Americans, and die themselves, based upon their beliefs that come from early indoctrination. This is just an average day in their lives.  The husband and wife of last week's attack were similar, willing to die and take others with them.
Moving on to his recent trip to Cuba, he found that the Castro dictatorship was less oppressive than on earlier visits. Ultimately, the long-term embargo tht the US has enforces has not worked in that the Castro brothers are still in charge. He thinks the greatest threat to the Castro’s is for the country to see waht capitalism and democracy means to them. He believes, and many share his view, that the people once they see our system will want to see it in Cuba as well and that there will be a grassroots call for change. Many people are tired of the Castro Brothers. As an example, his bike taxi driver is an educated nurse, but he makes more money to support his family with his bike taxi business than working as a nurse did. He said that he hated both brothers and wanted to change the government. His house was a small one room for six people. They get one piece of bread per person per day for free from the government - that is what the socialist/communist rule means to him.  He thinks that the potential of Cuba is enormous but that it will take a while to see the changes take place. As the Castro's rule continues it will be interesting to see what comes next.