Posted by David Ross on Jan 29, 2019
BAD NEWS --Two new (2018) Wild Polio Cases Reported This Week.                
What is that Polio Eradication Picture?   Rotarians Go Door-To-Door in Jhuggis - Pakistan - National Immunization Days - utilizing 48,000 vaccination teams targeting 19.1 million children to be vaccinated with the Oral Polio Vaccine - started January 21, 2019 and ran through January 25.  This picture from 1/21/19 shows Rotarians going "door to door" to make sure every child is reached.  The goal is a Polio-Free Pakistan!
Zero is the Magic Number!   The three-year Countdown to History starts after the final Wild Polio case. Today, we restart the count since the report of the most recent Wild Polio case. Rotary is committed to raise $50 Million (including Rotarian, public, and DDF donations) to be matched by $100 mil from the Gates Foundation - for each of the next two years - for a total of $300 million for the Global Polio Eradication effort.  
Vaccine Derived Polio Cases - Papua New Guinea, Kenya, SYRIA, SOMALIA, Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, & DRC - Vaccine Derived Polio Cases reported in 2019: Papua New Guinea - 0 (26 in 2018).  (No new cases this week), Nigeria - 0 (34 in 2018).  (One new 2018 case & 8 Polio Positive samples this week), Niger - 0 (9 in 2018).  (No new cases reported this week), Somalia - 0 (13 in 2018).  (No new cases this week), DRC - 0 (20 in 2018).  (No new cases this week).  Mozambique - 0 (1 in 2018) (One new case reported this week) One hundred and three Vaccine Derived Polio cases were reported in 2018. 
To Succeed by 2023 - The Chairs of the main independent, advisory and oversight committees of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative have issued an impassioned plea to everyone involved in the Global Polio Eradication Effort to excel in their roles and to dedicate themselves to one clear objective:  to reach that very last child with the Polio vaccine, with the goal of global certification of Polio eradication by 2023!