Interested in Membership?

Joining the Woodlands Rotary Club requires a thoughtful decision. Our happiest and most successful members have joined with the intention of making a contribution of service and fellowship first. Any benefits to their business or profession have naturally followed. Our Mottoes are "Service Above Self" and "He profits most who serves best."


Our club is part of Rotary International, a service organization consisting of more than 1.2 million members, in more than 34,000 clubs, in more than 160 nations. Its members are men and women who hold leadership positions in government, businesses, and charities, and those who provide professional services. Rotarians believe that we can attain worldwide fellowship and peace through an organization of business and professional men and women united under the banner of service.


Rotary employs a "classification" form of membership to spread its membership throughout the community where each club is located. Members are chosen to represent a particular vocation in the club. Rotary stands for the highest standards of character and integrity in your family, in your club, and in your vocation.


Rotary requires that you attend substantially all of the weekly meetings of your club. This rule reinforces the classification form of membership, and when a member must miss a meeting, that member is called upon to visit promptly the meeting of another club as a make-up. A Rotarian is always welcome at any meeting of any other Rotary club in the world, and you will find there are many opportunities to visit other clubs. Many Rotarians who travel frequently have found that with some preparation they are able to maintain their attendance and also meet a greater variety of people. By visiting other clubs you will discover a wealth of diversification among our clubs.


Rotary is not a political, religious, or "secret" organization. Rotary’s structure, charter, and bylaws are open to all. Rotary does not exist to serve any creed or political objective. Rotary does not exist to promote you in your business or profession; our members should never advertise their membership to attract business or for advancement.

Club Attendance:


Attendance is a very important part of a Rotarian membership. If one is not consistently at the meetings, it is impossible to be an active member. While the club knows that it would be almost impossible to attend every meeting, they expect a member to try to make up when possible. The requirements for attendance come from our bylaws and are as follows:


Article X Section 5 of the club constitution indicates that the membership of any member other than an honorary member of this club shall automatically terminate if, without consent of the board for good and sufficient reason, he/she fails:


a) to attend or make-up four consecutive regular meetings, or


b) to attend or make-up at least sixty percent of the regular meetings in the first or second six months of the fiscal year, or


c) to attend or make-up at least thirty percent of the regular meetings of this club in the first or second six months of the fiscal year.

The make-up period for a missed meeting starts fourteen days prior to the meeting missed and extends an additional fourteen days after the meeting was missed.


Example: If you are going to miss Tuesday, July 11, you can make-up that meeting beginning the night of Tuesday, June 27, through the morning of Tuesday, July 25.


Financial Contributions 

A member's contributions start with Quarterly dues, that include our lunch, and an annual assessment.


The Member Guest fee is $25 per guest (subject to change).


During the year there will be additional, discretionary, opportunities to contribute to various specific projects.


To find out more about Rotary's rich history and the organization's mission and structure, see our Contact Form  or contact a Rotarian directly by visiting our Officers and Directors or Contact pages.